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Emerald Shapery Center

Project Description

The Emerald Shapery Center is located on Broadway, covering the block between State St. on the east and Columbia Street on the west. The Trolley runs along 'C' Street to the north. This prime location is central to the Financial District, Horton Plaza, Seaport Village, Marina Residential District, The Santa Fe Depot and the 'B' Street Pier. There is a panoramic view of San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond to the west and south.

Floor Plan

Typical Low-Rise Floor Plan. Click for detailed plan.

Floor Plan

Typical High-Rise Floor Plan. Click for detailed plan.

A 'mixed use' concept has been implemented to include a 27 story hotel tower to the south and a 30 story office tower to the north. The two towers are connected at the base by an atrium exceeding 100 feet in height. This space also contains commercial space, as well as restaurants, two ballrooms and a conference center.

Architecturally, Emerald Shapery Center employs two clusters of hexagonal forms which provide interesting facade modulation and a unique roof configuration. The distinctive entries on State and Columbia are covered with a porte cochere and open onto the light-filled, landscaped atrium.




Location Photo

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Ground Floor

Click above for detailed Ground Floor plan.



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