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Creating Excellence in Harmony with Nature

Company Culture



To create the greatest benefit for the most people while allowing each individual to realize their full potential through the pursuit of excellence in harmony with nature

Values and Policies

1. Be here now- Commit your attention to the moment.

2. Integrity is the essence of everything successful.

3. To give is to receive-The more benefit you create, the more benefit you receive.

4. Knowledge is power.

5. Do everything properly.

6. Always be willing to change your mind.

7. Pursue the source, therein lies the truth.

8. Create more with less.

9. Create a good working environment for ourselves and expand it to others.

10. Develop a defined policy, then follow the rules that are mandated by us.

11. Make agreements only after you have studied your options.

12. Keep agreements; or if they are impossible to keep, communicate at the earliest time possible.

13. Surround yourself with the best people.

14. Make people feel important (as they are). Remember that the person that you are dealing with is the most important person in the world (to them).

15. Continually acknowledge the greatness in people, then they will become greater.

16. When communicating with others, do it with compassion and understanding, assuming that what they are saying is true.

17. Be careful not to make people wrong.

18. Having a nice tone in your voice communicates positive energy.

19. Be as polite as you would like others to be.

20. The response that we receive is in direct relationship to the quality of our communication.

21. Mistakes are opportunities to learn: when made, acknowledge and study them.

22. First, allow the person who made the mistake the opportunity to correct it.

23. Perfection is the act of bringing your task to a completed state -- Our goal is to create perfection.

24. Success is the journey and the destination.

25. Teach by example.

26. Focus with greater detail at everything you look at.

27. Constantly work to improve the system.

28. Speak with good purpose, for it you say.

29. Work to eliminate liabilities.

30. Wealth comes from accumulation.

31. Speech is the energy that joins us in understanding, leading to greater balance.

32. We must all raise our behavior to a higher standard.

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